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Salon Ease is an acupuncture clinic centered on the philosophy of "easing the mind and body." Reservations are required in order to respect the privacy and comfort of each guest.

"Put Your mind and body at ease"

Together, we will strive to help your mind and body be relaxed and healthy. At our clinic, your treatment will be customized for each visit. It is natural for our physical and emotional health to fluctuate from day to day; so we will work together to determine the best treatments for you, each time you return.

Out-call (home-visit) treatments may also be available, depending on the circumstance.

< Privacy & Comfort >

When you visit, the office space and experience will be dedicated to your treatment. We take special care to ensure your privacy at all times. The space is not shared with other guests and your appointment time is only for you. This will ensure you have the most comfortable and relaxing experience possible. Your health and comfort is my priority.

< Women & Mother-Focused >

As a woman & mother myself, I understand your unique needs. for mothers, your children are welcome to accompany you on your visit. i will do my best to create a welcoming space for all guests. While you are waiting for your acupuncture treatment, I would be happy to hold your child or find a comfortable place for them to nap.



Acupuncturist with 14 years experience

< Services & Qualifications >

With a Bachelor of Women's Preventive Medicine, I am trained in obstetrics and gynecology (Western medicine). I also have extensive training and education in traditional Chinese medical treatments and methodologies. This rare combination of both modern and traditional styles allows me to truly understand the needs of each guest and customize treatments accordingly. It is my joy to teach other women how to live healthier, safer, and more beautiful lives.

Services I offer include:

  • Acupuncture
    I provide treatment using acupuncture and/or moxibustion to enhance your body's natural healing power; acupuncture may be used to treat and prevent illness and restore health.

  • Maternity Care
    I am trained and experienced in offering traditional oil massage for expectant and nursing mothers. These massages will help provide you with an opportunity to relax, recover, and experience relief from minor problems.

  • Traditional Thai Massage
    Trained in Thailand by experts in traditional Thai massage, I am able to offer this service to my guests. This style of massage includes a combination of shiatsu-style kneading as well as assisted stretching movements.

< A Personal Message from Yamada >

This is Yamada, your acupuncturist! It is so nice to meet you. I have been an acupuncturist for over 14 years, including more than a decade running my own clinic and salon. I have a 6-year old son. My life as a mother, health professional, and business woman has given me unique insights and empathy into the lives of modern women. I truly love to support other women in their efforts and major life milestones. I perform each treatment with the genuine desire to help you be your healthiest self. It brings me joy to help provide care for everyday issues such as fatigue, muscle aches, and hair thinning / hair loss (alopecia) I especially enjoy helping other women with feminine concerns such as menstrual issues and menopause; this special care for women includes applying my unique qualifications to care for women during pregnancy as well as postpartum care.

In addition to being a healthcare professional and mother, I also enjoy hobbies of my own. In particular, I take pride in the process of decluttering - I believe that keeping your home clean is connected to your mental health. I also love photography and most of the photos on this site were taken by myself.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


business hours

Mon-Fri      : 10:00-17:00
Saturday, Sunday      : 10:00-19:00

  Regular holidays: Holidays and irregular holidays

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