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​Treatment details and fees

​Standard course

Standard Treatment

Initial consultation fee:

To assist in preparation and management of medical records, a consultation fee is charged for the first visit only.

Moxibustion/Acupuncture treatment (60 minutes)


Recommended for your first visit and includes a full-body treatment.

Moxibustion/Acupuncture treatment (90 minutes)


Consider doing this monthly as a reward to yourself.​

Small face electroacupuncture (45 minutes)


​Cosmetic acupuncture + low frequency waves to lift your face. This reduces swelling and brightens skin.

romantic couple

Moxibustion and acupuncture treatment during pregnancy
(60 minutes)  ¥8,800

Pregnant woman in white underwear. Young woman expecting a baby. .jpg

Maternity acupuncture
(60 minutes) ¥8,800
Breech-birth Treatment 

father & newborn

Postnatal care course
(60 minutes)           ¥8,800

​*For privacy, reservations are required

*Male customers via referral only

*cancellation policy*

​Please cancel by 10pm the night before.

Same-day cancellations or now-shows will be charged 100% of the applicable treatment fee.

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